Some links that may help with your Parkinson's

For people with PD, the links below may help.
These are just a few. I'll add more links as I find time.

For better sleep, see my page Suggestions for Better Sleep.
At least for me, good sleep is as important as daily exercise.

For PD-oriented exercise, go to Rock Steady, if there's one locally.
And remember: the single worst thing for PD is to sit still.
Exercise daily for at least an hour, and mix it up between "forced" and "mindful" exercises.
I do cardio, weights, intervals, and yoga.
In addition, I sometimes use my Flexispot stationary bike/desk at home, when watching television or reading.
Here are some links a friend sent:
   PD on the move -- Alexander Tressor
   painopolis -- really? pain?

If you have trouble with your hands, esp. handwriting, try this daily.

If you have facial masking Sherryl Klingelhofer can help. Here's another of her videos about masking.

If you have the Parkinson's stoop, try a cheap homemade harness. If you don't want to tie a knot, this is even easier. Also search the Internet for "how to fix rounded shoulders". There are a lot of exercise videos for PD posture: here, here, here, and all over the web.
I also wear a phone book on my head with my arms locked behind me (hands in a handshake, shoulders back and arms straight and out behind me).

For nutrition, a simple, short book is Michael Pollan's Food Rules.

Cognitive problems might (?) be helped by doing brain games. Here are two sites: BrainHQ and Lumosity.

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