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Revised January 3, 2017


Marc Robinson

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B.A. in Philosophy, University of Kansas
30 hours of upper-level math (Calculus I-III, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Analysis, and Number Theory), University of Missouri at Kansas City
Some graduate work in Computer Science/Networking, University of Missouri at Kansas City
B.A. in Linguistics, University of Kansas, December 2016


Operating systems: Unix (HP-UX, Sun, SVR4, some AIX), QNX
Job roles:  Analyst, systems programmer, applications programmer, project lead, consultant, Unix system administrator
Languages:  C, C++, Java (classroom only), SQL, various assemblers and scripting languages
Other/misc: MQ Series; automated monitoring (Spong, Big Brother, ?); TotalView; Tivoli TSM (ADSM); ASAI; CMS; CTI; CentreVu Explorer; CDR; AT&T Route-It; Virtual Hold; XML; FORTRAN, BASIC; HTML, some Javascript; Empirix Voicewatch; Cyara; automated backup; [other -- in progress, to be completed later]
Telephony:  click here (Brite Voice only)

Linguistics workshops: SayMore; community language archiving; FLEx; lexicography; transcription; working with archival materials; Unangam Tunuu
Linguistics classes: Intro; Syntax; Languages in Africa; Phonetics I and II; Phonology; First Language Acquisition; Field Methods; Language and Mind; North American Indian Languages; Independent study

Employment History

University of Kansas. August 2015 to December 2016.

Earned a second B.A., in Linguistics.
GPA of 3.9. Dean's List.

Aquila / Kansas City Power and Light. October 2004 to August 2015.
(No title)

Wrote and maintained telephony-related software and reporting applications.
Supported telephony, PBX, call center applications.
Genesys IVR.
Supported and helped implement mobile applications for field personnel.

NCS Pearson. Early 2003 to October 2004.
(No title)

Wrote software for VRUs and scripted outbound calling applications.
Managed vendor evaluations to choose new VRU (write RFI, evaluate
vendor responses, write RFP, etc.)

Compuware. Contracted to Sprint August 1997 to May 2002
Senior programmer

Developed software under Gensym G2 and Integrity packages to track network elements in a large telephony testing lab. The software allowed users to relate the elements to each other, and ultimately automate the testing. This included using SNMP and MIBs to discover, describe, and model the devices so users can relate the devices to each other on graphical workspaces, and reserve and display resources. Future work will track test progress, monitor tests while animating the graphics to show test progress, and possibly do root-cause analysis for determining the reasons for test failures.

Worked as a system administrator on HP and Sun machines on the ION project, laying down operating systems, Veritas file systems, etc.; supporting applications; administering ADSM server.

Coded Informix SQL and ESQL for various utilities. Also did a lot of shell script programming. In addition, I wrote C code to discover and document dependencies between tables in the database, establishing a table hierarchy. My main responsibilities were the extraction and processing of data from various databases to an online data store.

Responsible for maintaining existing application code and writing new code for a prepaid calling application. This required coding in Oracle SQLPLUS, PL/SQL, and Pro-C. Ensured database integrity, and solved problems on the application server caused by size constraints.

Trans World Airlines. May 1996 to August 1997
Senior systems analyst

Developed and maintained interactive voice response (IVR) applications on Syntellect and Conversant Voice Response Units (VRU). Coded application development tools on Conversant VRUs. Also maintained mainframe data and reports related to the applications.

Brite Voice Systems. April 1991 to May 1996
Senior systems analyst

Coded and tested software to improve efficiency of digital compelled signalling for E1 (foreign digital) lines on Brite VRUs. This was written in C.

Designed and developed application software in C for foreign telephone companies: Spanish (call transfer), South African (debit card), Singapore (cellular voice mail).

Developed IVR products in C using TCP/IP, X.25, and SNA. This included designing and coding the low layers of the X.25 and TCP/IP products to use multiple vendor APIs and hardware, and extensive testing of vendor products.

Developed an IVR product for the international market. This product interfaced to analog and digital phone systems and could be customized for multiple languages and mixtures of applications. Users can also plug in new features, such as voice recognition. This was written in a mixture of C and proprietary scripting languages.

Wrote an ISDN PRI driver, and certified the driver and application code at Bell Laboratories. Features included alarm processing, incoming and outgoing call setup and teardown, ANI/DNIS retrieval, and variable billing. I adapted the driver for two other vendor boards, and for Northern Telecom and 1TR6 message sets..

Designed and implemented a protocol that ran on top of UDP. The protocol efficiently updated voice and data files across a Unix LAN. Both broadcast and multicast transmission were provided. The protocol also resolved contention for simultaneous sends. The system was implemented using both socket and TLI APIs on System V.